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About PSI:

PSI Playhouse is specifically dedicated to supporting game sales through independent game stores around the world. Here you will find a regularly updated list of games coming to market before they are in stores or even at distribution centers. Our Upcoming Release items are posted here about a month before they actually go on sale to the public. Our goal is to help board game lovers, and game store owners be sure that the games they want are on shelves on day one!

Game store owners, be sure to check in every week and let your preferred distributor know about any items you would like to stock. This helps make sure that they preorder enough to prevent any out of stock issues.

And all you board game lovers, be sure to let your Friendly Local Game Store know about anything on this list you’d like to buy. Getting advanced customer feedback is critical to store owners trying to decide which items to stock.

COVID-19 NOTICE: Many board game organizations have been affected by coronavirus-related challenges. In the short term, PSI Playhouse’s Upcoming Release function is on hold. We will announce when regular business resumes here and on PSI Playhouse social media.

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