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Adorablins is inspired by the Powered by the Apocalypse system used by tabletop RPGs like Apocalypse World, Monster Hearts, and Avatar Legends. The game works like a conversation where you all tell a story together.

You’ll choose a character to play as by picking an Adorablin card, then choose the adorable companion who will accompany you on your adventure through a magical portal.

As players try to overcome challenges or do something risky, the Narrator will call for a dice roll. The player describes what their Adorablin is trying to do, chooses a skill that best fits their action, then they roll the dice to see how it goes!

Sessions tend to last between 30 minutes to a few hours and can easily be made to fit whatever time you have to fill. Dinner will be ready in twenty minutes? Grab Adorablins and play a quick game!

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Adorablins is a super cute and easy-to-learn storytelling game where you play as little Goblin-like creatures going on adventures in an endless variety of places. Everything you need to play is in a portable mint tin box that fits right in your pocket!

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